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I wonder

sometimes we cross the line
or we just stay behind the line
have you ever  been pushed behind the line?
I wonder now about the butterfly

on Helen Keller´s hand

is amicable a smile?
is frivolous undefined
can unrefined be nice?
defining a word may swing between sweet and tough
like a long insomnia night
or  a sign on  Keller´s hand

entwined hands

sensous touch greedy lips
entwined hands always sweet

that upper shelf

I just wanted to reach
that upper shelf
I never see
if this old suitcase breaks
or my high heel shoes bend
I´d better forget that part
close the door and say good bye

not a trick

electric you
not a trick
but a  touch
passionate you
savage you

there´s always something else

the redolent  plant  grows

in the garden by  the fence

after hanging the clothes

I will go to enjoy  its scent