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going for a change

the pink panther from Ajmir

going for a change

he  is  buying blue cashemere

thoughtful walking

thoughtful walking  in  the sand
some small brilliant leaves
fervent footprints mark  the land

it feels great to be alive

no more winter misty views
it feels great to be alive
in this  glaring  afternoon

who cares?

a kiss in the open air
light on words gone
but  more than that who cares?

at floor level

at floor level lying  free
everything is more than me
a new dimension I can see
I am a part of the whole at last
it feels  warm and  not hard

that misterious word

how neglected Neanderthal was
when he did not know
about the compact treasure
of sounds that  he owned
but  in a jubilant  moment
that  misterious first  word was told