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out there

that someone was lurking out there
he was not aware
but all of a sudden
he felt like a puppet
I am crippled" he thought
but blood still runs through my veins
I have everything to gain

forget about

please darling stay  warm
forget about crumbs and plates
and put on  those soft wool  socks

en la mañana

pensamientos dorados...

earth is her protector

earth is her protector
full of silent sounds
fallen leaves around
tiny steps of ants

gifted alligator

gifted alligator knows
that sticks and leaves were left to rot
and intense care provides  warmth

a real gift

not rotting back
but evolving beyond
the morning  brings  intense fragrance
a real gift

tell me lumberjack...

tell me lumberjack...
is it crude or arrogant
to cut that trunk
breaking its supple heart ?

a woman a dress

a woman a  dress
soft  wind announcing
predictable pain


she worries  during daytime
watching the  barren space she ignores
about the intense fragrance at night